DTox (@dtoxdtreeman) ‘I’m So High’

DTox 'I'm SO High'

With the kind of adroit self-awareness only found in careful and well-honed lyricism, Dtox invites listeners to walk with him on a beautiful tightrope of euphoria above the world of a man in anguish on his lead single “I’m So High”, off of his upcoming EP “Paraphernalia”.

Born and raised in Elizabeth (Eastwick), NJ, “Tox” has had a love for music since he can remember. Learning how to play trumpet at age 10 and how to DJ at age 12 gave him a developed ear for what moves people. Dtox accidentally fell into making music in November ’08 when he went to visit a friend during a studio session his friend had booked. “Tox” noticed his friend’s motivation dying and decided to jump on some tracks and have fun to pick things back up. Dtox wrote eight hooks and they recorded six songs that very night. He is bringing back lyricism with that classic “Boom Bap” sound!

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