DrewKaboom (@DrewKaboom) ‘As Far As Rap Goes’

DrewKaboom 'As Far As Rap Goes'

The debut album AS FAR AS RAP GOES: is a symbol of the longevity DrewKaboom, born, Andrew Campbell, a hip-hop artist, singer, and writer; is ready to undertake. Aside from the familiar “boom-bap” sonics; this released 10 track album features a soulful structure. It seamlessly follows the unwritten law of old school hip hop, when music stood on its own. However, this album is not a regurgitation of times passed.

DrewKaboom is an independent lyricist that doesn’t care about form or hype. He cares about substance. This is about art. Growing up in Flushing, Queens with a typical upbringing. Family is the manifestation of love and foundation. Family is what brings him to his passion. All the love he experienced as a kid, is what helps him direct his passion and drive into his craft.

DrewKaboom encountered many different styles of hip hop throughout his life. He believes that when you say you’re a hip-hop artist that means something. It’s more what you’re saying than how you say it. Everything in hip hop when he growing up was about the quality and substance.

DrewKaboom on the inspiration for his album and why he was inspired to be a hip-hop artist: “One day you have to ask yourself what are you good at and what you would love doing for the rest of your life. I chose to start my music career on that day. The name As Far As Rap Goes conveys that understanding. Growing up, the culture drove me into it. It steered every aspect of my young adult life. It was inevitable. My main inspiration was the Wu-Tang Clan showing kids that they can be different and still be great.”

DrewKaboom started rapping in 1997 and began writing and making music in 2001. This album is special because there is no special track in particular. He doesn’t want to subject the listener to just one single when they are all equally profound in his opinion. Each song is like a child. He feels you must love each child equally in order for the family to flourish. Following the album release, DrewKaboom intends on focusing on making a gathering a strong support team, performing shows, and continuing to create his music. DrewKaboom’s message is clear. He isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He will continue to be different and to push the shear element of his composition.

As Far As Rap Goes is the comprised solely of DrewKaboom’s desire to showcase his talent and devotion to music. Combined with other great talents whom of which have helped with the projects progression. This album is solely produced by Kinyon Brinson or DJ Silenze from Syracuse, NY. Mixed and mastered by Chris Weingarten of Piqued Records.