DrevoCoolidge (@drevocoolidge) ‘Counting Towers’

DrevoCoolidge 'Counting Towers'

Urban individual in a Crooked Society – DrevoCoolidge was born Courtney V. Moore, a native of Bermudan heritage but in humble beginnings his childhood shattered by the absence of his father. The hoods and streets of Jackson, MS became his father figure.

Where his weakness lie, his strengths were the powerful messages and lyrics he composed within his music. He endeavored projects and travels from Mississippi to Atlanta and across the southern states. Joining forces shortly after with business consultant and manager Constance Lowe, DrevoCoolidge signed with independent record label Vizionary Music Group.

Following his signing, he gave the world a phenomenal; dream inspiring record entitled “Counting Towers”, sweeping across the nation and gaining exposure overseas. Conquering the chapters of his life, DrevoCoolidge furthers his pursuit in music and continues to provide hopeful reality sounds to the people of his generation and the world.

Below is the his noteworthy track entitled ‘Counting Towers’ available now on iTunes.

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