Drake Attends Blackout 5 Press Conference At The Eaton Chelsea in Toronto

Drake Blackout 5 2015

Last night, Drake surprised everyone in attendance at the #B05 press conference which broadcasted live on PPV via the Eaton Chelsea in Toronto.  Watch the press conference in full below and be sure to visit KOTDTV.COM to purchase your PPV streams for the 2 day mega-event.

CLICK HERE to watch the #B05 press conference.


Hitman Holla vs. Shotty Horroh (Saturday, Feb 7th) + Pat Stay vs. Charron (KOTD Title Match) (Sunday, Feb 8th)


Conceited / Dumbfoundead / Madchild / Bishop Brigante / Kid Twist / Daylyt / Serius Jones / Shuffle-T / Rone / Osa / Eurgh / Soul / Hollohan / T-Rex / DNA / 100 Bulletz / Tycoon Tax / Marv Won / Quest MCODY / Illmaculate / Big T / Skelly / Rone / J-Pro / Head ICE / Rich Dolarz / Chilla Jones / 24/7

Event tickets and PPV access are available now at KOTDTV.com 

North America’s premier battle rap league is teaming up with local hip-hop mega-star Drake, to bring their common hometown of Toronto two nights of the biggest Rap Battles the world has ever seen.

Blackout’s concept is simple but innovative: the names of the competitors are revealed, but the match-ups are not. The crowd won’t know who’s facing off until the two emcees are announced and take the stage at the event. The card features some of the biggest names in the scene, including Conceited (from MTV’s “Wild ’N Out”), Dumbfoundead (making his return to battle rap after a five-year retirement), Madchild (of Canadian rap group Swollen Members), Toronto battle legend Bishop Brigante will make his debut in our written format after dominating in the freestyle era, Serius Jones, Big T, Arsonal, Marv Won, Daylyt, DNA & dozens more vetted MC’s will participate over the weekend.     

Pat Stay Vs. Cory Charron KOTD 2015

Two main events have been announced — the title match between Nova Scotia titan/KOTD champ Pat Stay and freestyle phenom Charron. The 23-year-old challenger has been chasing the champion for years and finally has his chance to prove that he’s Canada’s best battle emcee. Also one of the most recognizable names in battle rap, Hitman Holla, will go toe-to-toe with the lyrical beast out of Manchester, Shotty Horroh.

Battle rap has had several elite industry rappers co-sign the culture recently, from Eminem’s “Total Slaughter” event to Snoop Dogg’s “Gladiator School,” with varying results. But Blackout 5 is the first time a famous rapper has worked directly with an established league that has years of experience putting on this kind of event. Combining KOTD’s know-how with Drake’s mainstream credibility will create the perfect synergy for battle rap fans new and old alike.

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