Dot Yook (@DotYook) Ft. Temi Odeyemi ‘Girl In My Dreams’

Dot Yook 'Girl Of My Dreams'

New York native, Goergia residing music artist Dot Yook; who is apart of the group MNF$TO (Manifesto), makes primarily experimental/alternative hip hop that centers around a fictional story of four characters that are based off of himself.

The track ‘Girl In My Dreams’ is the first single off of his upcoming Road to Ys World EP which is the prelude story to his long-awaited Y’s World mixtape, which is the beginning act of the Dot Yook story.

The track features the angelic singing vocals of Temi Odeyemi and the unique production of Drunken Killah from NBDMG. Cover art by Arnaud Ngabo.

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