Dope D.O.D. Releases New Mixtape Stream ‘Acid Trap’

After months of touring throughout the whole USA and South America, Europe’s biggest hiphop act Dope D.O.D. is ready to release fresh material. The group releases a 15 track Acid Trap Mixtape, which contains some interesting collaborations including Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul.

Dope D.O.D.’s project includes a new sound, coming from the urge of doing something completely new and refreshing. They have been experimenting and clearly have no fear of introducing their listeners to a new sound. This sound, which is strongly influenced by trap music, is no definite change. But, according to the group it’s a welcome variation,  that shows their ingenuity and strong will to keep challenging themselves.

“It’s important for us to experiment, not only to keep things interesting for the people, but also to get the most out of ourselves”, MC Jay Reaper explains. MC Skits Vicious: “After months of intense touring, we’re looking forward to release something new.”  – Dope D.O.D.’s

Have a listen to the full mixtape and be sure to watch the first track ‘Ready to Die’ that received a strong reception from fans and viewers.