Donny Radwell Previews ‘Cruisin’ On LSD’ & ‘Proved You Wrong’ off Upcoming Album

Donny Radwell 2015

Nearly four years in the making, these tracks are the first singles of the hip-hop project by singer/songwriter Donny Radwell. Although he is known in Laramie, Wyoming for his solo sets at local bars featuring intricate guitar playing and his incredible vocal range, few are aware of his sample-based hip-hop record in the works.

After participating in Stones Throw Beat Battles for five months straight, Donny decided to fine-tune the cream of the crop for three years and is finally nearing the completion his debut album ‘Proved You Wrong’. The album is named for those who “constantly tell [him] to keep playing pretty guitar shit”. Donny is attempting “to release a folk and hip-hop album within the same year to declare [himself] an artist of infinite potential” and this is the latter of these diverse musical endeavors, featuring a dazzling array of ripe samples against restless structural changes.

The result is a psychedelic journey of moody sounds that serve to frame and compete against Donny Radwell‘s intricate wordplay and battle bars. Listen to the singles ‘Cruisin’ On LSD’ and album titled track ‘Proved You Wrong’.

The album is slated for a Spring 2016 release date.

Cruisin’ On LSD

Proved You Wrong