DNick Releases New 5-Track EP Stream ‘Green and Pink’

DNick - Green And Pink

DNick releases a brand new project titled Green and Pink; a short EP containing life’s multiple influences on your early 20s. The Lawrenceville, GA artist talks about the project in an email to All Unsigned®:

“The main premise behind this tape was to showcase how the drive for money, the influence of women, drugs and deteriorating relationships have affected me in the past 3 months (End of September to December). While making this project, I created a total of 27 tracks (roughly) and narrowed it down to the best 5 (that sounded the best cohesively/sound wise). Heavily influenced by Travis Scott’s “Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight.”

Green and Pink was mixed, written, engineered and produced by DNick (Dominic Maraschiello) and mastered by Mason Bonner. Have a listen to the entire project below, which is available for purchase on BandCamp here.

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