DJ Skizz (@DjSkizz) Ft. Hannibal Stax, Big Noyd ‘Triboro Thoro’

DJ Skizz Ft. Hannibal Stax, Big Noyd… ‘Triboro Thoro’

Triboro Thoro‘ is the second track released to-date from DJ Skizz’s forthcoming producer album, B.Q.E. (Brooklyn-Queens Experience). The track features three emcees who embody NYC to the fullest.

Hannibal Stax (of F.A.B.I.D. and the Gang Starr Foundation) hails from East New York, Brooklyn. Big Noyd (Mobb Deep) represents Queens (QB) and lastly Panchi (of NYGz) represents the birthplace of Hip-Hop, the boogie-down Bronx. They all represent different boroughs in NYC, but they all represent NYC and the NYC sound.

“My good friend and talented producer, Marco Polo, and I often give each other records, samples, and drum breaks to use to see how we will flip them in our own style” says Skizz. “Marco gave me the sample used in this song and told me that it was perfect for me and my ueens dunny dun sound. I laughed, took the sample, fired up my MPC and the beat that came out was NYC to the fullest (thanks Marco). I called up H. Stax, Panchi, and Noyd and we recorded the song in Brooklyn. I then went back to the lab, laid down some cuts on the hook–and the result….. ‘Triboro Thoro.'”

DJ Skizz’s B.Q.E. (Brooklyn-Queens Experience) will be released on 6-23-2013.