DJ Session: DJ Iceman ‘Take It Back Series: Back To 95’

Born in Coney Island Brooklyn in 1973, DJ Iceman took to music at an early age. He started DJing at age 9, after getting his uncle’s old DJ equipment, and he’s been an a tear ever since.

He’s performed in New York, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington, Japan and Sydney; and worked with the likes of Heavy D, KRS One and a host of others.

He is now holding down the spot on Juice radio every Tuesday on “Dj Icemans Classic Showcase.” Over the course of his career, he has become affiliated with some of the biggest DJ coalitions in the country and is a member of the Wu-Tang DJs, Desert Dawg Djs,and the Undisputed DJs. DJ Iceman is also a sponsored DJ for Crane Hardware and Styleflip.

The Brooklyn native takes us on a walk down memory lane with this mix. This award-winning Wu-Tang DJ gets it in with the golden-age goodness. Check it out above!


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