DGRZZL (@DGRZZL) ‘Jenesis’


DGRZZL splits his time between Georgia and NYC and he has just released his latest video for his track ‘Jenesis’. Off of his latest project ‘LIGHTWRK’  the video was directed by videographer JMAC and filmed in a secret location somewhere in Miami.

It’s a chill track with piano’s and soulful back-up singers but there is something sinister within it as well. DGRZZL laments about government control, the end of the world and most of all our limited perception. He has a crisp delivery that gets across his message clearly, a blending of political and philosophical without being too heavy handed. He uses metaphor to convey apocalyptic imagery in the catchy hook, ‘Church bells ringing, dead black birds singing, television start tweaking, dead cell phones ringing.’ The title of the track suggests a new beginning with the word ‘genesis’, but from a different perspective with it spelled wrong.

The visuals that accompany this track convey all of this with a high definition beauty. Compelling shots of televisions and newspapers burning next to overlays of spiritual symbols. There is also the sense of the metaphysical, with DGRZZL meditating in clusters of supernovas and alien spaceships hovering in wait. In the end we are given symbols of transcendence with third eyes being opened and everyone being beamed into the spaceship to begin a new world. DGRZZL points out everything wrong with our stilted communication systems and JMAC brings it to life with style and artistry.

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