Devine Carama Releases Anticipated Project ‘Kingtucky’ + New Video

After releasing the lyrical ‘God Said I’m the Nicest (interlude)’ and the soulful ‘Lake Full of Regrets’, Devine Carama finally drops his long awaited full length album, Kingtucky. The project is also released with an accopying viceo titled ‘Jewels In My Crown,’ which features a medley of new songs off the album.

With the bulk of production done by Philly producer Obvious, the 25 track project features appearances from Sheisty Khrist, Allen Poe, River Greene and more. Streaming and digital purchases are available via Bandcamp including an option to purchase on of the 50 limited addition physical copies. Have a listen to the full project and see what Carama has to say about the release below.

“My soul purpose on this album was to push my pen to it’s limit. I just really wanted to prove myself as a dope MC. It was originally suppose to be a double album but we trimmed a few cuts and felt it flowed better as a single disc. The production has a late 80’s and early 90’s feel to it and content is unapologetically lyrical. I think it’s vintage enough that old school hip hop heads will love it but fresh enough that some newer fans might dig it.” – Devine Carama

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