Deshawn Supreme (@DPreme171) ‘The Demonstration’

Deshawn Supreme 'The Demonstration'

Bronx, NY artist Deshawn Supreme releases his new project The Demonstration, which includes 20 track with production by Grand Marquee, Hitman D, Allrounda Productions and many more.

Supreme has shared the stage with Royce Da 5’9 of Slaughter House, Bizarre of D12, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Bone Thugz N Harmony, Girl Talk, underground forces Rebel Diaz, Final Outlaw, Grammy Luss, MC Elijah Black, YC The Cynic, Negros Americanos, Nitty Scott, MC, Add Two, Rapt.FM, Alex Wiley, Kembe X, and Clear Soul Forces. He’s no newbie to the game and his new project shows it.

Not willing to pay anyone for studio time, he sacrificed and paid for his own equipment and recorded his own work three times to get it right. That’s what we call dedication, determination on and love for his craft to the fullest. To celebrate his 23rd birthday Deshawn Supreme presents ‘Demonstration.’ Stream/Download his new project below.