Descendent Releases Official Visuals For ‘Soul’ [Short Film]

Descendent 'Soul'

“Soul is spiritual, soul is truth, soul is realism, soul is survival.” – Descendent

Descendent’s mission is clearly to touch the people with his music. He liberates the visuals for his single ‘Soul’ featuring the assisted vocals of K. Raydio. In the video, Descendent struggles with the challenges of day to day life with a low paying job and wanting to pursuit his passion in music.

Refusing to put his dream on pause, he says praying and determine to prove the people around him wrong. There’s two ways out of struggle and deep depression and that’s to have belief that things will get better (stay praying) or succumb to the struggle by taking your own life.

What will Descendent do? Watch the short film directed by Shane M. Petty below to find out.

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