DEF-Bananas (@DEF_BANANAS) ‘3 Headed Monster’

Def Bananas 3 Headed Monster

Alternative rap trio, DEF-Bananas, just released a new song for their fans who have been anticipating a new song before the arrival of their upcoming LP, Spoon Fed Monsters. The New Jersey group dropped “3 Headed Monster” after hinting at a new song for weeks.

They claim this song is for supporters who have patiently waited for new music and those who are ready for the experience Spoon Fed Monsters has to offer. The release of this new song was accompanied with some visuals that will serve as a trailer for the mixtape.

DEF-Bananas says their new mixtape will have much more of an electronic sound than anything they have done in the past. They love “3 Headed Monster” and feel as though it represents who they are.