David Correy Cracks The R&B Safe Code With New Album ‘Lost Art’

Recently the question that surfaced the industry is “What will the Millennium consider to be R&B 10 years from now?” I honestly couldn’t put my lips to fix what R&B is in today’s generation and I’m sure the rest of our generation was confused as well. Well be lost no more, David Correy  is an artist not only true to his fans but true to the passion of what real R&B is.

After sealing hearts with ‘Bandaids’, flaring up the 90’s feel with ‘Bring It’ and dominating with the ’24/7′ video to get you hypnotized with both harmonized vocals and dynamic visuals. Correy had the fans and music lovers on their tippy toes as they waited for his latest album ‘Lost Art’.

Cracking the code to the safe and introducing a flawless cover art, Correy suffered a lost that was close to home over the holidays when losing his father. As any human being, artist, rapper, author or actor, this is not only a tough loss but one that will definitely derail you from the main mission. Not Correy, he took a couple of weeks away from social media and came back with a project that Picasso himself would paint pictures too.

‘Lost Art’ is a project for the new school and the old school as Correy fuses the two beautifully. Opening his tape off with his own harmonized fused with “Usher: Nice and Quiet” set the tone perfect for the remainder of the album. As a fan favorite “I Want It All” closes out the album.

David Correy’s  album is available now on Apple Music, Spotify as well as other digital music service platforms.

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