Dali Darko (@ghostofdali) ‘Flowers for Dorian Gray’


21 year old Pittsburgh native Dali Darko has released a new track off of his upcoming mixtape ‘The Romantic Egotist’, dropping in May. ‘Flowers for Dorian Gray’ has a sample of a slinking guitar line played backwards held together by a bit of the old boom bap. The distant voices, crackling records, crickets and an ancient crooner in the middle adds up to a unique track produced by Art Vandelay.

Darko titles his track after Oscar Wilde’s only published novel about keeping up appearances and hedonism, which Darko adds a contemporary spin to. Darko lays his story out on the wall of a bathroom stall, skewing 19th century concerns for his own such as racism and Katrina. The end grows hectic as the guitar loops get shortened and Darko spits hard and fast. There is a great sense of momentum and urgency that fits well with the lyrical content growing more desperate.

This is just a hint of what is to come when ‘The Romantic Egotist’ drops and Dali Darko arrives on the scene.

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