Dae Zhen (@DaeZhen) ‘Dead Poets Society’


Based out of LA, Dae Zhen draws his influences from soul and R&B then backs it up with healthy dose of hip hop. ‘Dead Poets Society’ is his first single off his debut album ‘Women and Wordplay’ and his video for the track delivers exactly what his album title promises. Beginning where all memorable nights do, Zhen tells the story of a one night stand that, in the morning, turns into something more complicated. A familiar story that I’m sure many can relate to, with lines like ‘I’d rather break your heart than deceive ya, love don’t cost a thing but it don’t pay too much neither.’

The track is a smooth jam with tight verses and a chill hook that allows Zhen to show off his pipes. A multi-talented musician with a silver tongue, check out the visuals for Dae Zhen’s debut below.

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