Cynical Minded (@cynicalmindedMD) ‘Crying Over You’


This one goes out to all those sick of the plastic bullshit that is valentines day. A real track about real relationships that went really wrong. Off of his latest mixtape ‘The Lone Wolf Project’ that dropped last month comes the latest visuals for Cynical Minded’s track ‘Crying Over You’. Last week we showed you his single ‘Genesis’ and you can find out more about it here.

Part of the hip hop collective Four-In, this young rapper from El Salvador shows off his sensitive side as well as his hardened delivery that is tight and fluid. There is a nice flow between the more relaxed verses and the more intense and angry verses thanks to the string builds from producer D-Hype, who also takes over the duty of directing the video. The visuals match the content perfectly and it tells a believable story with some sly editing techniques to keep it interesting. Check out this lovelorn single to spite all those happy couples out there.

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