Cment Boot Music Group (@CmentBotMusic) ‘Blow’

Cment Boot Music Group

Cment Boot Music Group is a Hip Hop troupe born and breed in The Bronx, NY now residing in Eastern NC. The five main members of this group; Sabu, LA, JJ Jones, LamboJones, and Mary Jane are all immediate family members doing all the production, writing, recording and promotion on their own. Many people that have had the chance to work with or speak to them directly have nicknamed them, “The Hardest Working Family in the Business”.

Cment Boot has been compared to some of the most influential groups/families in music such as The Partridge Family, The Jackson 5, Sly and The Family Stone, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, the list goes on and on. The spectrum of artist they have been compared to is just as wide as their style of music. For example, their first EP entitled K.I.M.S.A.M was a blend of rock instrumentals accompanied by raw hip hop lyrics and have been just as unpredictable to the hip hop community ever since.

Cment Boot Music Group released a mixtape earlier this year entitled, Above The Influence and plan on dropping another to be called The Prelude which will be the prelude to their upcoming original album. Below is the track ‘Blow’ off their upcoming mixtape, listen in below.