Christian Ceazer (@ChristianCeazer) ‘Top Boy: The No Mercy Edition’


New mixtape by Toronto native Christian Ceazer entitled Top Boy: The No Mercy Edition. The new tape includes production by Grammy-nominated Arthur McArthur, Duck Down Record’s Raz Fresco and Christian himself.

“The music on this mixtape is not sugar-coated – it’s an aggressive composition about pushing forward in order to become successful. I see the plight of the black youth, the black man, the black person, and sometimes I feel like there isn’t a lot of options. So I take what I know and what I’m experiencing and I put it into my music, because that’s a part of my hustle. I’m not here to make friends, just out here to win. This mixtape is for the person who is trying to get further in life. The message on each track is very straightforward, no convoluted confusion thrown in. I have the skill to be the best of the best, I’m not holding back and here it is ‘Top Boy: The No Mercy Edition’.” – Christian Ceazer

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