Chalk and Knocks (@chalk_b) ‘Cabin Fever’


Chalk and Knocks are two hungry kids from California with Chalk handling the bars while Knocks takes care of the production. ‘Cabin Fever’ is their first single off of their upcoming album ‘Wicked Ways’ and they just dropped some visuals for the track which you can check out below.

‘Cabin Fever’ is an upbeat track that brings to mind the Gorillaz in the playful beat and the dark lyrics. It makes for a listen that will brighten your mood without being too sappy. This sentiment is perfectly echoed in the video with the four masked men, who appear intimidating at first but after watching them dance their bright orange balaclavas lose their menace. Chalk does not look menacing but after hearing him spit he gains all the credibility that his young look threatens. If their first track is any indicator this duo has a lot of talent and can make some good music.