Campaign Nino Previews ‘FML’ After Releasing Singles ‘Billionaire Life’ & ‘Miami’

Campaign Nino went from Billionarie Life to the shores of Miami with his smooth vocals. As he slowly takes over the Orlando scene with his mellow vocal level. He has everyone on the edge of their seat to see what’s next to come with his recent teaser of his new ‘FML’ visual that previewed previously on his Facebook page.

With his charismatic and creative hooks, Nino brings money, power and respect to the table of the Orlando music scene as his mid-tempo R&B/Hip-Hop groove brings a sensation to listeners. The track begins with a smoothing tune, supported by sounds of a catchy hook that builds up into a lyrical street fantasy describing a billionaire life of knowing how to get it and introducing it to the world that hustle.

As Campaign Nino plans to surpass the title abbreviation and keep his name in the South. He wants his fans to tune in to watch his video set to be released today.

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