Bugzy Perez (@ThaHeartOfBugzy) ‘Raw Honesty’

Bugzy Perez Raw Honesty

Bugzy Perez is back in the booth painting and revealing his everyday life pictures from his past, present and future with his new tape Raw Honesty.

Listen as he combines his heart and mind to produce truth, wittiness and creativity in an elegant way. You will appreciate his word play and lyricism as he digs a lot deeper into his life experiences with his “Raw Honesty” This is Bugzy Perez’s 4th mixtape/album and you can hear the inevitable pain as well as growth in each bar he spits.

Download the taper here and listen while he proves that he’s in his own lane with the solid content he reveals on the tape below.

Bugzy Perez 'Raw Honesty' tracklisting