Bucky Malone Releases New Project ‘The Time is 7:03’

The 2016 soundtrack has been released thanks to Virginia native Bucky Malone. Among the three projects he released last year including Dont Stress and Sprinkles; Malone’s latest mixtape entitled The Time Is 7:03 has been in the makings for over a year. “703” is the area code used in most parts of northern Virginia. So when I say the time is “7:03″ I’m implying that its time for my hood to rise,” said the egotistical emcee.

With the well known single ‘Not Like Me’ produced by ASAP Ty Beats in the books, Malone’s 15 track melodic songbook is certain to be on repeat as each song is simply timeless. The lyrics matched with infectious beats produced by Chris Beats and Cornerstore T just to name a few, make for a continuous playlist matched with intriguing visuals to be released at a later date.

Releasing his work independently since the age of sixteen, Bucky Malone has consistently shown versatility and drive throughout his musical journey with mixtape’s such as That Boy From The Road and L.I.F.E. 2 (The Rise Of Little Tokyo). With over fifteen videos on YouTube and thousands of views to match, accomplishments under his belt such as opening up for Juicy J at the 2013 Norfolk State University homecoming concert shouldn’t come as a surprise for the ambitious artist.

This new offering from Bucky Malone is a rarity that proves he can provide catchy head-banging hooks that are matched with hard-hitting lyrical poetry, with some thought provoking content. Hosted by the incomparable DJ Slim K, The Time is 7:03 is out now featuring a special bonus Chopped Not Slopped version of the hit single ‘Not Like Me.’

Take in the project, add it to your playlist and enjoy.

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