Born I Music (@BornIMusic) Ft. MacGuyver ‘I Cant Breathe’


Born I Music Expresses Rage, Sadness and Hope in Powerful New Single “I Can’t Breathe”

Born I Music I Can't Breathe
“I Can’t. Breathe” features Born I Music and MacGuyver trading perspectives
on the black experience in America as they see it in its current form.
In the wake of the recent events in involving police/vigilante killings of Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and even missing children within the black community, DC’s own Born I Music responds with dynamic and poignant new record “I Can’t Breathe” featuring his label mate MacGuyver.

The unapologetic bass-heavy tune, produced by Madden Miles, is powerful, stirring and reminiscent of production from Kanye West. “I Can’t Breathe” features Born I Music and MacGuyver trading perspectives on the black experience in America as they see it in its current form.

Born I Music opens the record with the innocence of youth as a point of reference, and its gradual corruption through the specter of racism, police brutality and self destruction. MacGuyver then delivers a chilling internal and external dialogue between oppressor and oppressed.

Born I Music

Both verses are broken up with an excerpt from Jon Stewart’s recent monologue expressing his outrage over the death of Eric Garner and the lack of a subsequent indictment on The Daily Show.

Finally, the track seems to switch from rage to mourning, as the bass and synths give way to a simple yet heartbreaking piano riff played by DC producer AJ Halpern, giving Born I Music the floor once again to wax reflective over the melodic landscape.

I Can’t Breathe” is a song that may very well capture what it is to be black in America today. It is a song mixed with rage, sadness and hope. The song ends on a tone reflecting Born I Music‘s Buddhist roots and ideology: “All life is precious”.

I Can’t Breathe” is the latest in Born I Music‘s ongoing single series released exclusively via his Soundcloud, leading up to the release of his full-length album, “Kings Landing”.

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