Black Frost (@BlackFrost) ‘No Love N’ Hip Hop’

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Emcee out of Atlanta Black Frost gears up to release her newest mixtape with the release of the video for her title track ‘No Love n’ Hip Hop’. A rising talent, Frost has worked on tracks with names such as Akon and Ghost Face Killa. The name of her mixtape comes from the reality show of the same name, of which she had a chance to play a part.

‘Word on the streets is she was supposed to be on the Atlanta version of Love & Hip Hop but was too “street” for the show threatening to “blast first ask questions last” ( in the famous words of Biggie ) when asked about her opinion of fighting on the show.’ 

She demonstrates that same grit on the track below. Calling out all haters and anyone who can’t keep up, Black Frost drops rhymes like canon fire. She spits with enough power to run with the hardest emcees in the game. ‘No Love N’ Hip Hop’ will be released, appropriately enough, on valentines day. Check out this rising talent as she throws down the gauntlet for anyone to top her below.

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