Big T (@202kid) ‘What’s Next’

Big T MIxtape For Dummies

Big T is a military brat from Washington DC. He knew from an early age that he had a love for music. He refused to let his disability (Cerebral Palsy) get in his way. At the age of about 11 he began free styling for fun with friends. By the age of 13 he developed a small reputation in school for this. He shied away from it because he did not like the attention he received.

Although he stepped out of the eye of the stop light he still studied music and its different styles. In his freshman year of college he began hanging around with other people with an interest in music after being encouraged to do his own music there was no looking back. “The joint I did I was just testing the waters people liked it, so I kept at it.” It took him awhile to gain confidence in his craft but he stuck with it. “For a longtime it took me a long time to get my confidence up to where I didn’t care about what people thought and just go all out. I always felt I was good just not good enough to tell anyone till I dropped Van Gogh,”

Big T is an artist who sees that music can that music can change lives so approaches it from a view point. “I feel when I speak I have to have a point, I have to entertain and I have to lyrical to set myself apart from the rest of the artist in the industry.” It is safe to say that with his confidence in himself and his work ethic he is a name that we will be hearing from for a long time. “I love music and I want to make a difference through my music.”

Listen to ‘What’s Next’ off of Big T’s up coming project Mixtape for Dummies Vol. 2.

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