Big Rob aka 716 (@BigRobaka713) ‘Guess Who Came Up 2’

Big Rob aka 713 'Guess who Came Up 2'

Rob Breeden better known as Big Rob aka 713 is an artist / songwriter from Laurinburg, N .C. as well as the CEO of Divine Lyric Entertainment, an indie label he formed has been featured on and in multiple magazines and mixtapes in 2014. Releasing three projects this year two mixtapes Guess Who Just Came Up Part 1 and Guess Who Just Came Up Part 2 as well as his first album Write Rap and Perform available on iTunes and cdbaby.

Rob lost a few close relatives and friends early in 2000 which had him questioning music all together but after a phone call, some heavy reconsidering and convincing Big Rob jumped back in the booth early in 2014 and has placed his self on everyone’s to watch list.

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