BIG IZA Releases Innovative LP ‘HALF FULL II’


IZA is a 24 year old independent hip hop artist from San Francisco, CA. His versatile flow and style is a direct reflection of his hometown. He recalls memories of free-styling over songs while on his way to parties in high school. Once arriving at the party, it was a job in itself to end the cypher because everyone wanted to walk away with the best verse. In 2011, he was stabbed four times in a altercation almost losing his life. After that week sitting in a dreary hospital bed he knew he was here for a reason.

This time last year he dropped an EP titled HALF FULL and was picked up by independent label MVBMG. Now based in Los Angeles and free from any label restrictions he has released his anticipated sophomore LP, HALF FULL II on January 2ND.

With consistency, perseverance and belief in what he’s doing, IZA is well on his way. Listen to the full LP below.

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