Bay Area Artist CALEBORATE Releases New Album ‘1993’

Bay Area artists CALEBORATE releases brand new album titled 1993. The project includes a total of 10-tracks with production by Kyle Betty (Game Over), Julia Lewis (August 28th), Wax Roof (Gettin’ By) and many others.

On this project the Bay native gives listeners a laid back, storytelling experience, which includes features by Amen Auset, Candace, Maya, along with other up and coming indie artists. He definitely brings a refreshing sound to the Hip Hop community; that some feel has been flooded with a lot turn up sound.

CALEBORATE talks about the project saying,

“I put aside a lot of insecurities and did my best to grow as a person through this work of art. I believe it will be apparent when you play this piece front to back. This project is meant to play out in order, it follows a loose storyline that includes actual (unscripted) dialogue that depicts the current state of things for many of us twenty-something’s in the Bay Area (and in the world really). Although the title of this project may seem a bit exclusive to certain generations, it is meant to be felt by everyone who has been, currently is, or will be a twenty-something.”

Have a listen to 1993 above and let us know what you think!

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