Baltimore Group Dirt Platoon Release ‘Bare Face Robbery’ [Album Snippets]

Dirt Platoon 'Bare Face Robbery'

Dirt Platoon, the most hardcore band from Baltimore, is coming back with a new album.

After the release on EFFISCIENZ of their very successful EP Start Ya Bid’s entirely produced by the talented Dj Brans, it’s on the same label they finally decided to sign and to release this new opus.

The 2 brothers Raf and Snook are always full of the same energy, they crush the beats with their rhythms which follow one another. Each of the titles on this project is efficient, bringing different colors and reminding us how dynamic Hip Hop can be.


In house producers Fel Sweetenberg with his devilish beats, Dj Brans with his strong beats along with the team’s newcomer Mil cover most of the albums production. The list of the producers doesn’t stop there, it also includes Tom Delay, Dj Low Cut, Venom and Macabeats.

Artist you can expect include Fel Sweetenberg, the 3rd non official member of the band and Nutso who’s never far from EFFISCIENZ’s releases. In short, this project sounds like a little mass murder between friends.

Dirt Platoon’s Bare Face Robbery is available now in digital, CD, vinyl and tape format. Orders can be made on EFFISCIENZ official website or through iTunes.

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