Babylon Warchild (@babylonwarchild) ft. Solomon Childs & Starang Wondah ‘Blind Swordsmen’


Babylon Warchild are a hip hop collective out of Toronto that formed in 2010. They just got back from Columbia where they got much love at their shows and they plan on heading out to Australia then across Europe. It’s good to see local talent getting some international recognition after putting in the grind.

Their latest is a video for their new track ‘Blind Swordsmen’ off of their upcoming album and it features Wu-affiliate Solomon Childs and Starang Wondah from O.G.C. and Boot Camp Clik. This track has got some serious talent and the production from Stiltz is tight, with an attention to detail, he adds little touches throughout that keep it interesting. It’s the emcee’s that kill it though, exchanging bars about anything that comes to mind from mystical sages to Paul Walker.

Babylon Warchild aim high with their video, getting street artist Merak 1 to bring all of it to life on a blank canvas. From a portrait of Sylvester Stallone to lizard men, he draws stylized versions in fast motion, all perfectly synced up with the lyrics somehow. It’s a great concept and Merak 1 nails the execution, even the timing of a gun shot being heard and drawn at the same moment.

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