B Soul (#BSoul) ‘Abyss’

B Soul - Abyss

B Soul, an R&B singer from South Orange, NJ, tries to show people a piece of himself through his music. Singing about love, heartbreak, and his life experiences, Soul is bringing back an old school R&B sound. Painting a picture with his music and harmonies, Soul tries to connect with people through his songs.

Soul is currently in the studio recording songs for his first album and recently recorded a music video for his single “For You”. A singer/songwriter, Soul has written over 150 songs. He says “Music is always running through me, it’s infused in my being”. Though his music is relatable and based on his life experiences, he doesn’t conform to current music trends.


With lyrics that tell a story, he says “My music is a piece of myself”. He wants people to get to know him, to know his story. “Music is universal- everyone relates. It helps people get through real life situations”. Trying to make a name for himself, Soul has performed at several local venues. He hopes to bring attention to the overlooked talent in New Jersey, and is looking for a chance to shine.

Soul has released a new music video for his single, Abyss, in which he tells a true story of harlots and heartbreak.

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