B-Hoody (@iBHoody) #PreRolledJs & #PreRolledLs Mixtape

B-Hoody & DJ Burn One - #PreRolledJs Mixtape

While traveling and recording material for his upcoming “Things Have Changed” album, B-Hoody accumulated several tracks that didn’t make the project. Rather than leave them on the cutting room floor, the Nashville native decided to combine them in to not one, but two free projects his loyal fans can enjoy!

#PreRolledJs presented by DJ Burn One and #PreRolledLs presented by Zach Boog (@ZachBoog) of Nashville’s 101.1 The Beat Jamz, is a compilation of 16 brand new tracks sure to give fans a taste of what “Things Have Changed” has to offer.

Check both projects below.

B-Hoody & Zach Boog - #PreRolledLs Mixtape

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