Aux Jennings (@AuxWeirdos) ‘MuckAFolly’

Aux Jennings 'MuckAFolly'

MuckAFolly is the debut self-produced effort of Aux Jennings. A 21-year-old an Artist/Producer/Engineer and a member of Weirdo Click out of Canada This project being the “anti” of a genre that heavily glorifies aspects of drug culture.

In 2013, he performed at several festivals including Evolve & Sappyfest and played on bills with The Underachievers, Killer Mike & Riff Raff. All while refining his production, recording and mixing skill sets in an effort to release more independent body’s of work.

Listen to Aux’s 11 track project below, which features appearances by Thrillah, xxx Clvr as well as Jay Mayne & Ducky $wag.

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