Austin Fillmore (@Austin_fillmore) ‘Anglishh’


Chicago native Austin Fillmore has been developing his sound for three years and it shows on his debut album ‘Anglishh’. Coming out of the gates with a deft hand, he attacks his first full-length with the confidence of an industry pro. He walks the border between singing and rapping and he’s got the talent to make it work. There’s a restlessness to his delivery, switching from hook to hook in an instance making for a dynamic listen.

The production throughout is clean and tight with most track being mixed by Hank Iving. He demonstrates subtlety and prowess, pulling back and punching whenever the moment calls for it. The album uses it’s breaks, reverb, and other methods to create a sense of space. Sometimes sounding like a club banger and other times sounding like laid-back R&B, all in the same track.

All in all, Fillmore’s debut sounds more accomplished than many sophomore efforts, containing several choice cuts with hooks that won’t quit.

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