Apache (@ApacheOnTour) ‘#LoveCampaign’

Apache 'LoveCampaign'

In his latest single “#LoveCampaign” from the Moon Of Growing Yams EP, Apache charmingly captures the attention of the ladies as he rhymes, “Why don’t you tell me bout that night life, Ms. Lady I’m young, that’s right, rest assured I’ll dive in right, and ya legs gon lock on sight!”

Drawing on inspiration from his own nightlife, Apache delivers a balance of finesse and assurance to the ladies as he chants, “And we been loving in this room all night (Campaign!) Love! Loving in this room all night! (Campaign!) Look! Even if you’re wrong, you’re right! (Campaign!) Look! Even if wrong, I’m right! (Campaign!) Love! Ya legs gon lock on sight!”

From the appeal and resonance it has with the listeners, Apache’s #LoveCampaign is sure to be among the Top Hip-Hop And R&B Hits for 2014. Of course, we encourage to listen and review the record for yourself.

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