Akbar Akeem (@313akbarakeem) ‘5 Percent Tint’ [Mixtape]

Akbar Akeem - 5 Percent Tint

Detroit, Michigan Rapper Akbar Akeem is looking to break into the music industry with his brand new mixtape Five Percent Tint. Currently Akeem is working on videos to support the project, while also preparing for the release of his next mixtape. Knowing that there’s strength in numbers, Akeem is also looking to build affiliations with beat makers as well as collaborate with rappers for the second release.

Akbar Akeem’s music is not about the money or fame, but about influencing and giving people inspiration to get through the daily grind as well as to entertain the people. Listen to Akeem’s Five Percent Tint offering below and stay with us for more updates.

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