Adam Reverie Pays Homage To Black Women With ‘Beauty Is In You’

Adam Reverie 'Beauty Is In You'

Adam Reverie releases a beautiful tribute to the Black Woman with the song ‘Beauty Is In You.’ He takes a moment to explain the track on a deeper level so you know exactly where he’s coming from on the new single.

“Beauty is in you” is a song written from the depths of my heart concerning Black women. I look around and I see the lack of respect given to them by our own community so much that they no longer respect themselves. That lack of respect has in consequence been exhorted by society towards Black women. My sentiments are the complete opposite, I love Black women more than almost anything else on this Earth.”

Rev says, “Like all songs I write, I write in hopes that maybe one day they’ll be heard by the masses and ignite a great change. ‘Beauty is in You’ is no different. I write this song in hopes that Black women realize that beauty is and always has been in them.” – Rev

Beauty is in You‘ is the 1st official single from Adam Reverie’s forthcoming album ‘KTTN.’ With a single like this, 2015 is looking to be a great year for the Detroit native.

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