Adam Reverie (@AdamReverie313) ‘Black Boy Out In Poverty’

Adam Reverie 'Black Boy Out In Poverty'

Adam Reverie keeps the thought-provoking music coming and the timing couldn’t be better in this month dedicated to Black History. In the new track ‘Black Boy Out In Poverty,’ Reverie doesn’t hold back his tongue and spits knowledge for the people.

Reverie says, “In life we are in constant search to discover our purpose, I believe my purpose is to inspire a generation through songs and live a life parallel to what it is I am conveying in these songs. Presented is my new single ‘Black Boy Out In Poverty’ from my forthcoming album “Idiot Writer”, a record I was privileged to premiere with The Smoking Section that boldly addresses the media (all parties involved) for targeting young blacks by constantly promoting negativity in Hip-Hop music. ‘Black Boy Out In Poverty’ is a record that NEEDS to be heard and has the power to uplift a culture and bring change.”

Stream the track below and be on the look out for more music by Adam Reverie, who’s clearly making big moves for 2014.

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