A-Roc (@EffAROC) ‘Got That (Wooh)’

Hempstead, NY – Newcomer to the scene, songwriter/rapper A-Roc has captivated listeners worldwide with his unique and organic sound. With an avid passion for songwriting and musical composition, A-Roc has a lengthy catalog of songs written across various genres, from Hip Hop and R&B to Pop and even Rock/Alternative. Additionally, he has worked with Grammy Award winning Caron Wheeler.

Finding his passion for songwriting at age 11 and drawing from inspirations such as Big L, Fabolous, Ma$e and Kanye West, A-Roc delivers a genuinely unique sound that blends hot melodies and punchlines. Coupled with his musical experience as a trained level five cellist, A-Roc incorporates sophisticated musical techniques and dynamics.

A-Roc 2015

Defying societal norms and being a scholar who is also well versed on the streets and surrounded by individuals with much street credibility in his neighborhood, A-Roc prides himself on delivering a powerful, honest and profound message about various topics including his life story as a suburban youth growing up in Hempstead, Long Island, NY.

His new single ‘Got That (Wooh)‘ along with the video was released on January 1, 2015.

[Via Latisha Lindo]

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