9to5 Th3 Producer Releases New Instrumental Listen To ‘Penny’

Bronx native and up-and-coming producer 9to5 drops us off a brand new instrumental entitled ‘Penny.’  The budding producer says the idea for the track refers to falling in love with a prostitute who goes by the name of Penny. On this instrumental he gives listeners a very unique sound, which is reminiscent of an OVO type beat.

9to5 is expected to release two new projects this year and into 2016 titled MFV1 (Mxxchers Forever Vol. 1), which is an compilation album with fellow Mxxchers members YDBEATSSSGusto Grey. He is also setting up to release the project Second Day on the Job, which is the sequel to First Day on the Job released back in October of 2014.

To hear more of 9to5 visit his soundcloud or follow him on twitter.



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