33KIDS (@33_KIDS) ’33KIDS’ EP


KIDS & 33OneThird joined forces in the summer of 2011, merging the hip hop crews from the Lower Mainland of British Columbia to create the supergroup 33KIDS. The two crews met in Ladner for a weekend of intensive writing and recording, during which the debut, self titled EP was composed and arranged.

Now, two years later, after gracing many stages in the Greater Vancouver Area, 33KIDS is ready to unleash this EP in which the crews initial bond was forged. 5 songs, one spearheaded by each emcee, all written and recorded within 48 hours. The entire project was Produced and Mixed by Pashak, who is 33onethird and KIDS in-house producer. The video for the lead single ‘Wildin’ Out‘, filmed by Blood and Whiskey Productions, was released on the 4th of July, 2013. With a Western Canadian tour in place to promote the EP’s release, 33KIDS are ecstatic to circulate their first studio production and equally excited to let you know that it is only the tip of the iceberg. Between the 5 emcees and 2 crews which comprise the supergroup, there is a multitude of material awaiting all eager listeners.

With one of the livest performances Canadian hip hop has ever known, an eccentric ensemble of talent and now a polished production with the EP, 33KIDS is ready to romp across the country and take its place among Canadian hip hop prestige. Whether you want to kick back and listen to some outstanding lyricism or you just want to wild’ out to hard-hitting production, 33KIDS will provide and leave you talking about the influence they’ve had on you.

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